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Would you like to refresh or refine your English skills? Are you looking for specific courses on
Business English? Or maybe you would just like to start English (again) from scratch - or you
may be looking for someone who could help your child catch up at school?

Well, in either case I welcome you to take a look at my courses! I am offering a wide
service portfolio - I do coaching for kids and teenagers, as well as private classes for adults
and - last but not least - a great variety of classes in and for companies.
Please feel free to contact me!
Private courses
Company courses
Private tuition
I offer both, single coaching and
courses for groups, depending
on your focus. Very often the
greatest challenge for a non-
native English person is over-
coming the “fear” of speaking
English - and most often, after a
fairly short period of time, they
realize that it actually is not as
difficult and “frightening” as
they had first thought. more...
Globalization has arrived in
practically any field of business
nowadays - and along with that
has come the need for English
in many situations and jobs.
A constantly rising number of
companies has realized that
training their employees in the
English language is paying off
in the end. more...
I offer private tuition for
children and teenagers. I try
to pay attention to the individual
difficulties and problems of each
child - usually, these become
quite obvious within the first few
sessions, e.g. whether the major
focus should be put on grammar
review or rather on vocabulary
review. more...