Constanze Cymmek

I have always been fascinated by other cultures and have always had a passion for languages and communication. I have learned to love the English language during my one-year stay in Pocatello (Idaho/USA), when I went there as a Rotary exchange student.

After graduation from high school I decided to study American studies and Political science. After graduating from University (M.A., Frankfurt/Main) I started my professional career in the communication department of a major German bank.

During my more than 10 years working in different departments and jobs at the bank, I realized that my English skills served me very well. But more than that, I became aware of how important the English language was becoming in the greater context of globalization.

After my second child was born I felt it was time for a change - professionally. I decided to turn my particular liking of the English language into something more serious and made it my profession. I have been working as an independent English teacher since 2009. I enjoy meeting different people of different backgrounds, jobs and ages on a daily basis - trying to share my passion for the english language and culture with them.

I think it would be fair to say that one of my characteristics and personal aims is being as flexible as possible - both regarding course topics and working hours. Please contact me on any specific requirements you may have and we can evaluate together what would be the best way to get there.

I do not teach according to any specific learning method but try to adjust to my clients and their individual need and requirements. Again, I do not want to miss emphasizing that I consider a positive, relaxed and sometimes even humorous learning atmosphere to be crucial for success.

Please feel free to contact me at any time - I am looking forward to it!